I’ve noticed an interesting change in the most frequently asked question in the days following Christmas.  As a kid growing up, my parents asked the question that I subsequently asked all my buddies: ‘Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?’ From my parents, I suppose the query was meant to justify the stretching of the family budget to make sure that the deep-pocketed guy in the red suit always came through for the ‘good’ kids.

My friends and I couldn’t wait to ask each other the same question.  For me, I wanted to know if they made out as well as I did, or perhaps my motive was a little less pure. Maybe I wanted to have the opportunity to gloat some if they didn’t.  Regardless of my true intention, the question: Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas was asked seeking a quantifiable answer.

As adults, the question changes to, “How was your Christmas,” or for the more politically correct, “How was your Holiday?” It seems to be the most common of greetings in the week between Christmas and the New Year.  We ask friends, neighbors, bank tellers, just about everyone meet.  In some ways, I suppose we’re still looking for that quantifiable something.  Perhaps we ask as a means to justify and commiserate about the frenzied shopping most have recently completed.  Whatever the reason, asking how things went on or about the 25th of December is a long way from what I believe the celebration is meant to be all about.

“How was your holiday,” in my opinion, takes more than the word Christ out of the question, it implies that He isn’t even in the mix.  The true meaning of Christmas ought to exclude any idea of attempting to justifying our actions by the putting of a hard number on them.  I realize that much has been said, more eloquently than I am able of producing, regarding the commercialization of Christmas.  I won’t attempt to add any more to it except to say that God choosing to break into human history through the miraculous birth of His Son is slightly more important than any great deal you might have found at the mall.

I will take the opportunity to rephrase the question in question from ‘How was your holiday’ to: Who was Jesus to you on December 25th?  I’d love to hear from you.

Blessings to all and thanks for reading,

Pastor Chuck

3 thoughts on “How was your holiday?

  1. As usual, there wasn’t enough time to do all I wanted, especially in regard to music. I wanted to do more singing – at the Salvation Army kettle, the nursing homes, the hospitals. I was so preoccupied with other things that I actually lost the guitar callouses on my fingers. As I work on getting them back, I am comforted knowing that it doesn’t have to be Christmas to do these things. The beauty of knowing Jesus is that we have opportunities to serve Him every day of the year – every day of our lives. I want to sing to and about Him every day and share His love, especially with those who “wish that Christmas feeling could last all year,” oping that by next Christmas they’ll “get it.” 😉

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    1. I can certainly relate to not getting to everything I hoped to during this busy time. Though I don’t play, I sure do enjoy singing God’s praises.
      Thanks so much for replying. I pray that 2019 gives you numerous opportunities to use the gifts He has given you to bring many people into His presence through music.


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