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I am preparing to do a series of teachings on prayer at one of the local churches Betsy and I have the honor of helping out at.  I’ve been giving this much thought because I know what a vital piece prayer can be to a person’s life.  Yet as important  prayer is to me, I was having trouble coming up with a way to present the idea to this church family.

I found the answer this morning as my wife and I took our morning walk with dog.  I asked Betsy what would be the first thing she would say to a group that wanted to learn about prayer.  I wanted to know what she thought would grab their attention.  Her answer grabbed certainly mine, and so the following brief blog entries will examine the wonderful topic of prayer.

“The first thing to say would be this,” my wisdom-filled spouse said, “Jesus prayed.  And if prayer was something that the Son of God saw as important, we all ought to devote some time to it ourselves.”

Jesus prayed!  What wonderful encouragement for us all! Over the next couple of days lets explore some of the reasons why the Lord prayed; as well as His instructions on how we should.  But for today, simply let the fact that Jesus Himself prayed sink in.  If God’s Son saw the importance of being in communication with His Father, shouldn’t we as well?


Pastor Chuck

PS: Here are a few examples from the Bible that tell that Jesus prayed:

Matthew 26:39, 42, 44

Mark 1:35

Luke 5:16; Luke 6:12; Luke 9:28

John 11:41-44; John 17:1


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