Hello Faithful Reader! As the title of this entry implies, all that we do is being watched by someone.  Bearing in mind the times in which we live, this is not a hard sell.  We must be ever-vigilant in protecting our identities from theft.  Big Brother is seemingly everywhere, up to and including that intersection you just ran a red light thru!  Indeed, our every action seems to be under scrutiny by someone or something all the time.

However, as I like to do, allow me to put a more positive spin on the above stated fact.  I know a great many people who go about their lives doing for others simply from the goodness of their hearts.  No compensation is required or even looked for.  They see opportunities to help and take action.  These folks aren’t looking for recognition and most prefer to fly under the radar.  Whatever the motivation is, the willingness to help can be a great encouragement to others.

If you are one of these helpful-minded folks, thank you! I realize that the vast majority of you are simply doing what you know to be the right thing to do.  But let me encourage you to remember, people are watching!  And I mean this in the best of ways.  Your actions of sacrifice or words of kindness are being observed.  You may never know who is noticing, but be sure that someone has, is, or will.

I recently received an encouragement that has spawned this entry.  I have volunteered for a number of years at a local care-giving agency.  The little bit of my time that I have given to this cause has been returned in countless blessings to me.  In the mail yesterday I received another.  Among the fliers, bills and campaign literature was a letter addressed to yours truly.  It was from the national office of my local agency.  The letter, with my first name handwritten on top, informed me that I was one of only 140 people who had been nominated, nationwide, as volunteer of the year!  Though it went on to contain their condolences that I was not selected, the honor of being a nominee was not lost on me.

As I pondered this further, I became aware that it had to be someone within the local agency that had given my name for consideration for this prestigious award..  What an honor indeed! On the heels of this thought came the realization that caused me to share this brief piece with you, someone is always watching.  If we accept that as an on-going reality of our times, why not let what is being watched be seen as an encouragement to others.

Blessings to you and thanks for reading,

Pastor Chuck

3 thoughts on “Somebody is Watching

  1. Congratulations on your nomination! You’re right, someone is always watching. We have to always remember we are representing Christ Jesus. The smallest actions can make a big difference.


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