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The importance of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ cannot be overstated! It is the foundational piece of what we as Christians believe. Our faith is to be wholly placed on this act of divine intervention for the salvation of sin-plagued mankind.

I have been using some of the ‘extra’ time I now have on my frequently sanitized hands to ponder this awesome act of love. In particular, I’ve been focusing on something Pastor Diane of the local Lutheran Church said during her Easter sermon. Betsy and I used Zoom to gather virtually with that wonderful group of folks. The Pastor made mention of the stone that was rolled away from the front of Jesus’ tomb was not done to let Him out, but rather to let us in.

This thought struck me and has stuck with me all this week. Like so many things, I have to put aside my understanding of how things work in the natural world so that I can more fully appreciate how God works in the supernatural. When I do, I can see that the resurrected Jesus was freed from the physical limitations He had during His time on earth. Thus, He did not need to have that stone rolled from the entrance of the tomb, it simply could not hold Him there.

The gift of faith God gives allows me to accept this as true and what a blessing that is! What joy it brings. And I find additional comfort in the fact that those who actually spent time with Jesus were faced with similar concerns about that stone. They didn’t ‘get it,’ and some of them spent 3 years in daily contact with Jesus.

Here is how the gospel writer Mark describes the journey of some of these folks to the tomb Jesus had been placed in that first Easter morning:

Very early on the first day of the week, just after sunrise, they were on their way to the tomb 3 and they asked each other, “Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?” (Mark 16:2-3 NIV).

The question of who is never directly answered, because as Mark goes on to record:

But when they looked up, they saw that the stone, which was very large, had been rolled away. (Mark 16:4 NIV).

When they peered in, they saw that Jesus was not there, yet the tomb wasn’t empty, either. An angel was sitting there, and he told them that Jesus was risen and that He would meet them in Galilee. Initially frightened and still quite flustered, these women went back to tell the other disciples what they had seen and heard. It would take the Lord Jesus appearing to the entire group later that day before the reality of what was going on would begin to sink in.

Fast forward to today, some 2,000 years after these things first occurred. Many still wonder about that stone. Who moved it and how? Important questions to some, and I understand that. Yet I would submit the more pressing question is why. If, as I said about faith, that Jesus did not need the stone rolled away, we are left with the premise Pastor Diane stated, “It was rolled away to let us in.”

There is such a depth of truth in this! The theological implications are enormous. The Bible teaches that we, as sinful humans, are separated from God. Furthermore, the distance between us and Him is immeasurable and cannot be spanned by any effort of our own. Hence this separation can only be bridged by God Himself. He does this by rolling that stone away from the entrance to the tomb that held Jesus’ body.

The now opened tomb has but one-way in. There is no side door or any other hidden passageway. We must see for ourselves that the immovable stone has indeed been rolled out of the way. We have access, by faith, to the resurrected Jesus because God has removed the barrier.

If you never have, please consider the eternal implication of not taking the step into the place Jesus was. He was there for you! Because the Lord no longer is there the truth of God’s love has been revealed. He has rolled the stone away to let you in. Please take the step of faith to see for yourself.

Blessings to all and be safe,

Pastor Chuck

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