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The year 2020 has certainly brought some new things to the public eye. Covid-19 would seemingly top any list in this regard. This global pandemic has wrought much destruction and disruption. I don’t feel it necessary to go in-depth on this point, as virtually everyone has felt its impact.

Also, this year is bringing a new focus on the deep-seeded social issues in this country. Violence, distrust and a sense of hopelessness are rampant. We are as divided a nation as we have ever been. I pray that true peace, healing and growth will emerge from the dark clouds looming over America.

Personally, as Father’s Day comes around again, I found one thing that has not changed: I miss my Dad.

What I would give to hear just one of his stories one more time or to see his whole-body laugh as he delivered the punchline that always seemed brand new to him. I miss him calling me Jake, even though I never really understood where that nickname came from.

I miss his peaceful presence and his willingness to help no matter what it might cost him in time or commitment. I miss his listening ear and wisdom-filled advice. I miss his enthusiasm for life and his indomitable spirit.

I miss one of really good guys of this world. I miss my Dad.

I love you Dad,


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