I love my country, and my country has been very good to me. However, like any relationship, there is pain along the way. This pain I feel deeply these days. Injustice, violence and political stupidity causes me deep pain. But on this 4th of July, 2020, I post our rendition of the Star Spangled Banner in respect for those who have served this land so bravely and well as well as for those men and women who continue to do so today with dignity and empathy. And I continue to pray that God heals America; not to restore it to some glorified past, but rather to a place that glorifies the Lord Jesus!

(Sorry we’re upside down, but simply posting a video is a huge techno win for me!)


8 thoughts on “4th of July 2020

  1. You two are adorable. I can see why you are a successful ministry team.

    The USA needs Jesus, there’s no doubt about that. Let’s agree in prayer that as American Christians we are going to serve Him each and every day in order to turn the hearts of the American people back to God.

    You may enjoy this version of the Star Spangled Banner. Both of my
    children participated in this.

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    1. Thanks Lydia! My wife wrote her own harmony line and we love wearing those shirts when we perform. I also wear red, white and blue hi-top Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers for out side events. Hope you a great vacation!

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