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There is an elementary school near where Betsy and I live. Each September as this school re-opens, the traffic department of our police force sets up a portable speed detector. A fairly quiet street during the summer becomes quite busy with buses and parents dropping off and later picking up their kiddos. My observation is that the large flashing numbers do indeed slow many motorists down.

As I said, this is a yearly occurrence, and I suspect that unless schools go to 100% virtual learning, it will continue to flash its warning to the drivers passing by our home in the ensuing Septembers.

That being said, it came as no surprise when the traffic folks set one up just beyond our driveway last week. Nothing new, right? True, until yesterday morning.

Betsy and I are early risers. We enjoy a long walk almost every morning with our Golden doodle Violet. Yesterday was no exception until we turned the last corner to come home. As we did, we saw a group of 4 joggers/runners taking turns sprinting at the speed sign to see who could go the fastest! They were enjoying themselves and we shared a chuckle with them (Violet really wanted to join in!).

As we finished our walk, Bets and I both agreed that was something we had never seen before. Trying always to be open to blog ideas/sermon illustrations, I wondered how this might fill the bill. I did not have to long.

I got to thinking about Peter, James and John as Jesus led them up a mountain to experience what the Bible calls The Transfiguration. You can read about it in Chapter 17 of Matthew’s Gospel for the full account. But for now, imagine those three disciples following Jesus up a path when suddenly:

He was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light.

And if that were not shocking enough:

Just then there appeared before them Moses and Elijah, talking with Jesus. (Matthew 17:2-3)

Now there was really something no one had ever seen before! The lessons and applications from this passage of scripture are far too numerous to go into any depth on this platform, so I will leave you, Dear and Appreciated Reader, with just one: Peter, James and John had known Jesus for some time at this point. They had seen miracles and in the chapter just before this, had been part of a discussion that revealed Jesus to be the promised Messiah. Knowing what they did, they were still blown away at these events (who wouldn’t be!).

My questions for you and me: No matter how well you might currently know Jesus, would you still be awed by an event like the Transfiguration? Does your heart and mind have room left in them for Jesus to do something you have never seen before?

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this. If I do not get right back to you, I’m probably just down the street trying to improve my running speed.

Blessings and thanks for reading,

Pastor Chuck

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