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Please, please, please understand from the very beginning of this: I AM NOT TRYING IN ANY WAY TO RAISE MONEY! I AM NOT SEEKING DONATIONS FOR ANYTHING!

However, I am going to proceed into a topic that is downright sensitive to many and clearly off-limits to many more: the giving of money.

To re-iterate, I share with you my experiences in the realm of giving only in hopes that others will find the joy I have when the power of the dollar loses its hold on you.

For a quick review, allow me to share some of the formative background of my approach to money and the acquisition of things. As a child, I watched my Dad work hard to supply his family with our basic needs and a few of our wants. He was happy to fulfill his role as provider, but was equally guarded about how any of his hard-earned would be spent outside of our home. The idea he installed was to take care of your own, and anything left over was to be saved for that rainy day that was sure to come. It was not disposable it anyway toward charity of any kind.

As I have chronicled before, my early adulthood was a travesty of waste and destruction brought about by my alcoholism. All childhood lessons regarding money were forgotten or ignored, and I accumulated a large sum of debt.

Coming out of that haze and into recovery, I was driven to pay back every dime I owed. I was blessed with employment that enabled me to make good money, meeting the needs of my own family while paying down the mountain of debt.

It was during this season of life that I was introduced to the idea of tithing. I found the idea of giving 10% to the church I was attending a novel idea, but one that had no practicality in my circumstances. Once I heard the part about giving some of my money, I apparently shut my ears to the rest of the explanation. By doing so I missed the entire point about giving back to God first because anything I had came from Him anyway. The Bible refers to this as giving to God the first fruits of our labor, I simply called it crazy. I mean, how could I give any percentage when we barely had enough coming in to cover expenses.

As I look back on those days now, I am ever so grateful that my wife Betsy did understand from the outset what this giving was truly about. She was able to slowly help me to see the selfishness and short-sightedness of my hold on to it at all costs approach to our finances.

God, as always, was gracious and patient with me as my heart softened. As I came to more fully realize that everything we had or earned was all because of His love for us, I came to understand why it was God calls us to give back to Him ‘off the top’ instead of grudgingly handing over leftovers.

It was now that He began to reveal to me the freedom that comes when giving to God unreservedly. Instead of viewing giving to the church as a burden that was going to further tighten our budget, I began to see how I was spending on not so necessary things. For example, the rationalization that our busy lives necessitated having take-out food 2-3 times a week was replaced with a spirit of cooperation that allowed us to plan and make family meals together. This not only saved lots of money, but it also fostered a much more unified front with regard to the family finances.

Throughout the ensuing years we have continued to tithe to the local church. Please understand that we hold to no formula of giving. Nor to do we believe that we are checking some cosmic box that will earn us favor with the Almighty. We do use 10% as a benchmark, but these days we often find we are blessed to give over and above that number. Again, not because we have to, but rather that we get to.

The freedom that I mentioned at the top has grown from this last point. Giving is an act of obedience, not obligation. With my heart positioned in this way, giving becomes a joy because I know that obedience to God in any matter brings joy to him. And my personal belief is that when we come to obey in these areas that were especially difficult to give up or move away from, His joy is even greater.

Please understand, we are not living some austere life as we follow God’s direction. To the contrary, we are blessed with so much more than we ever have had before. The thing is that the blessings these days are not measured in material wealth, but rather in the deep assurance of God’s sovereignty over our lives.

My advice to any who ask me about the topic of finances is this: Live within your means and always remember to thank God for all He gives you. My willingness to give back to Him sprung from the development of an attitude of gratitude toward all He provides me. I present no formula for success. But I do share with you the joy of the freedom that came (and stays) to my life when I placed the importance of God over the importance of money. The freedom I speak of has been purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ. The joy is in living this out in all aspects of life.

As always, any thoughts you want to share on this topic are welcome. I would enjoy some dialogue on this.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed and be a blessing,

Pastor Chuck

12 thoughts on “The Freedom I Found in Giving

  1. Good word, Pastor Chuck!
    When I saw the title, I was immediately reminded of what our pastor said about Jesus’ statement that we can’t serve both God and money, taking the word “serve’ to mean “be a slave to.” He said, “So, how do you keep from being a slave to money? Give it away.” 😉 Simple, but profound. Congratulations on your freedom. Enjoy!

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  2. I began tithing not only as a result of sermons I heard, but also because I thought if I could be obedient in a material sense (money is certainly material), then perhaps it would help me strive to be obedient in intangible, spiritual things. When I tithe, I also get the feeling that “I’ve done what I was supposed to do”–in other words, I get a sense of peace about it.

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  3. Love this Pastor Chuck!! One of my most favorite posts of yours yet!! I love the way you shared the transformation and your humble heart as it softened to God’s desire.

    My husband experienced alcoholism during his 20s and boy once he latched on to God in his late 20s there’s been no turning back, and he’s extremely passionate about giving, to the point that he actually spurs me along with it!! Your story reminds me of his, I’ll be (sharing) forwarding this on to him for continued encouragement!❤️

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  4. “You cannot out give God, but He certainly loves it when you try.” – these were my thoughts too. A very balanced and sensitive and honest explanation, in my humble view. I agree – it is one area of ‘discipline’ that I find clearly defined and therefore is a joy to obey, despite a similar start in life and… I always have more after giving. It is a miraculous principle at work. I wish I found all disciplines as straightforward as this one. Thank you for sharing, Pastor Chuck

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    1. Structure-oriented person that I am, I too find this clearly defined discipline simple to follow. The growing edge for me is to be joyfully obedient in the things that are somewhat less clear. As always, I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond.
      Blessings to you,

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