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“And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14b NIV)

The above quote may well be the best known verse from the Book of Esther. It truly is a compelling story. Found within its 10 chapters are intrigue, irony and selfless bravery. Any of these topics would be more than enough material for an aspiring blogger, but today I just want to focus on that one verse I started with.

If you are not familiar with this short book (you can find it between Nehemiah and Job in the Old Testament), and not wanting to be a spoiler, suffice to say for my purpose today that Esther, through a series of events, has been placed by God in a position to be of great help to her native people.

It is in correspondence with her cousin, Mordecai, that we come across this pearl of wisdom that we are contemplating. Mordecai is doing his best to encourage Esther to use her standing as Queen to influence that King to spare the Jews. Hence, her cousin phrases his request in such a way as to help Esther see the possibility of coming to their aid.

None of us, I feel safe in saying, find ourselves in a royal position this day, as Esther did. That should not, however, prevent us from evaluating the circumstances that we do find ourselves in, looking with an eye and heart to be of service to someone else.

I mean, these days in which we find ourselves are indeed ‘such a time as this.’ To say they are unique does not adequately describe the challenge of global pandemic. Yet in the spirit of Mordecai’s encouragement to Esther, what is to say that you and I are not in our particular circumstance so that we can be a help to another.

And unlike Queen Esther, you and I do not have the weighty problem that faced her: the extermination of her race. This should take some of the pressure off us, but not the responsibility, to our fellow humans.

The question this begs then is this: What can I do ‘for such a time as this’ to carry the desire to be of service to others into action? I will list 3 off the top of my head, and would surely love to see your additions to the list. In no particular order, here we go:

Get the Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available to you. As I’ve stated before, one person getting vaccinated is not that big a deal, unless you get sick or cause some else to. But if we come together as caring people, placing the welfare of others at least on a par with our own, we can win this battle if we get the shot(s).

If, like many of us, you find a little extra time in your day these days, be intentional about setting a side part of this bonus time to spend for someone else. May I suggest you take a moment to pray for somebody you know that is struggling, or perhaps take a moment to call/text/email simply to let them know you are thinking of them.

Last one from me, for now anyway: Expand you frame of reference. For example, where I live is quite rural. There is little to no cultural differences for miles around. Because of this, I know virtually no one who is Muslim and even less of their faith. Since the pandemic, with its lockdowns and shutdowns, I have taken the time to read and research their faith. I do this so that if/when the time comes when God puts a Muslim in my life, I can speak intelligently and with some understanding of their beliefs in hopes of building a bridge to the one true faith in Christ.

Your turn, Most Appreciated Reader, where is God leading you ‘for such a time as this?’

Be blessed and be a blessing,

Pastor Chuck

8 thoughts on “For Such a Time as This

  1. A couple weeks ago, the pastor of the church I attend exhorted us to share Christian messages on social media. I passed a post on, and was amazed that there were 20 views. Only God knows who needs to see that post, and will see it on that particular media.

    Last year, God lead me to revive a “Faith Checks” idea. I typed a template on the computer in the form of a check. Where the amount in figures would go, I put a Scripture reference. Where the written-out amount would go, I type the verse. Jesus Christ signs the checks. I depend on the Lord to let me know who to send the checks to. Every now and then I hear back from the recipients; it is awesome to hear what God is doing with the “checks”.

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  2. Great post, Chuck, and great ideas. To expand on your #2 idea, what about doing one random act of kindness per week? You mention that we can pray/email/write to people we know are hurting or need encouragement. That is great. To “enlarge our coasts” (I Chron. 4:10), why not do something random to help someone. A friend takes 10 one-dollar bills into a thrift store, pretends to shop for coats, and slips a dollar bill into the pocket of 10 random coats. Another friend pays for the fast food order for the car behind them at least once a week. You never know what those little blessings might do for someone.
    Thanks for the post. I like the idea that we can spread God’s love and light so easily.

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  3. Some great ideas. I too am trying to be diligent and accountable with my time especially. I am continuing and increasing my spiritual and other growth disciplines and fighting the lethargy that prevents my book from being written! also making the effort to find new ways to connect with people and to encourage and be encouraged, as the usual routes have been taken away… this also involves learning new skills. This times has most of all caused me to spend much time on my knees repenting on behalf of our governments, leaders and us as people and pleading for mercy.

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