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Greetings Dear Readers! As you well know if you have reading these jottings of mine for any time, my passion is for spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. I try to accomplish this by using examples from my own life, hoping to draw application from the Scriptures that might help you come to know Jesus personally or my deeply if you already do.

Though this is what motivates me day in and day out, I do occasionally like to use this blog to give a little peek into my life. You may recall my nerdy tendencies I have shared about collecting Commemorative Quarters and following the local weather patterns.

With this in mind, I thought I would share a confession with you today: I am a charcoal snob. “You can keep your gas grills,” I tell my friends, “it’s only charcoal for me.” In my humble opinion cooking over Kingsford briquets brings out the best of the flavor of whatever entrée is on the grill that day. (And most all of them go well with my World Famous Potato Salad!)

 Needless to say, I enjoy cooking on my Weber Kettle Cooker very much. With the aforementioned weather here, the charcoal grilling season only runs from mid-March through October. This is fine by me, as it heightens my appreciation for the savory goodness that I cook.

I got hooked on charcoal grilling by my Dad. He purchased a Weber Kettle Cooker when I was a child. Some of my favorite childhood memories involve watching my Dad cook on summer evenings as he regaled me with stories of his youth and his take on the local and world events of the time.

Betsy and I bought our first Weber shortly after we were married in 1983. With proper cleaning and protection from the weather they usually last between 8-10 years. I felt like writing about this early this morning as later today I will be putting Weber Number 4 together. If the weather cooperates, hamburgers will be served for supper!

Over the years we have expanded our grilling menu. Oh, we still do the traditional chicken/steak/hot dog things, and enjoy them with friends and family quite often. We have also discovered that many types of seafood are tasty over charcoal, as well as different types of kabobs. Various kinds of squash have also come out well and this may come as a surprise, but watermelon slices also take on an especially good taste when crisped over the coals.

I could go on, but I am making myself hungry. I guess it is time to put the new cooker together.

If you are ever in upstate New York during charcoal season, look me up. Simply follow your nose and you will find me along the side of our house, grilling contentedly and always with enough to feed anyone who stops by.

Thanks for reading. Be blessed and be a blessing,

Pastor Chuck

9 thoughts on “I am a charcoal snob

  1. I am on my way! Seriously! As soon as it’s my season to travel, I will be cruising through New York State, and I promise to stop. I love that you welcome all to your grilling events. God bless you and Betsy today and every day.

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  2. Well I’ve always wanted to visit New York…maybe one day!! And then I’ll join you and Betsy for a bar-b-que!
    Btw My husband prefers charcoal over propane too, there’s just a good old savory taste that way!

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  3. How I’d love to! Watermelon?? I can’t imagine, but I love watermelon and try most things once. You know, I’ve never organised a BBQ. Eaten plenty and stood over a few to take the baton, but never owned one or made one! It’ll have to go on the bucket list.


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