Another thoughtful and encouraging blog post from my wife Betsy

Write With God

Last weekend brought news of two people in our circle whose earthly lives ended: one due to a lost battle with addiction, and one due to a lost battle with cancer. Both had professed faith in Christ, but the pain exhibited by their loved ones was real – and raw.

We arrived at the funeral home for the first one, who was a brother of my sister-in-law so we saw him from time to time over the years. We celebrated his faith and we prayed as he struggled. That morning, my sister-in-law tearfully asked my husband if he could do the memorial service. Of course, he said. Chuck shared words of comfort and hope, then opened the floor to family and friends. A young nephew got up and shared a powerful, faith-filled message and a call to anyone in the room who was ready, to accept Jesus as lord and…

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