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This person is obviously smiling at the most recent test result released involving the wearing of the mask on your chin. This highly scientific finding reveals that wearing your mask over your chin provides 100% protection from any and all air-borne pathogens, including any variation of Covid-19

A closer examination of these findings, however, tells us that only a minuscule number of people on the planet breathe through their chin and because of this, they recommend that the rest of us WEAR YOUR MASK OVER YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Chin masks 100% effective!!

  1. Haha! Good one! And have you seen the ones with holes at the nose and mouth for band members playing horns or woodwinds?🙄
    All kidding aside, where’s the data on government mask studies? I am especially interested in what they have found out about putting masks on children.

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