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Long ago, before Netflix, color television and Covid-19, it was fairly common practice, especially in smaller cities and rural communities, for the local doctors to make house calls.  Hard to imagine, but a phone to their office could get you an appointment where he (remember it was a while ago) would come to you! Even prior to the current state of affairs, this is like ancient history to most of us.

In my calling as pastor, I have had the privilege to make many such house calls over these past three and a half years.  Instead of a black bag, I carry a well-worn brown bible.  Like the general practitioner of old had to be prepared for most anything, I am presented with a wide range of spiritual issues that plague folks.  I am no expert in theology, but I do know a thing or two about the power of God to move in people’s lives.  My own experience with darkness and how the Almighty freed me from it is a testimony to His awesome power that I often share.

The ministry goal of Lakeside Christian Ministries is simple: to be the hands, feet, ears and heart of Jesus to our community and to people wherever we go.  If you have some time (you probably do these days!), please read Chapter 4 of the Gospel of John.  In it you will find Jesus meeting and talking to a Samaritan woman.  That alone was news-worthy then: men didn’t talk to women in public and she was Samaritan, someone who was considered lower than low on the social scale.

None of that mattered to Jesus.  He simply started talking to her.  As He did, she revealed her pain to Him.  Their encounter not only brought her great comfort, but when she told people in her village about Jesus, many of them went to see Him and came to believe He was indeed the Savior.

It is with our hearts set on being to people as Jesus was to this woman that we started out.  God has blessed these efforts and we have come to know some wonderful people that have opened their hearts and their homes to us.  By word of mouth, other families have asked us to share with them as well.

We are not a church that is a building; rather we are people who love the Lord and build relationships with others because of His great love.  It’s a pretty simple formula really, be watchful for opportunities and be willing to go when they appear.

Because of the restrictions of the current crisis, I won’t be making any house calls for a while.  I make this decision because of the recommendations of health care professionals.  I firmly believe that physical (I don’t like to say social) distancing will help to slow down the spread of this virus; especially among those with whom I so often visit.

Having said this, I am more than ready to make virtual house calls at any time.  If, Dear Reader, you are seeing this on Facebook and want to speak with me, please send me a private message.

WordPress (where this blog can be found) provides a place where you can comment.  Please use this to get in touch me with and we will arrange a more private place to communicate.  The same goes at our web site (where you can hear any of the messages I’ve posted over the years):  You can email me  there or if you prefer, my personal email is:

I promise you two things if you reach out in any of these ways. First, mine are the only eyes that will see what you write and two, I will get back to you so we can talk further.

Thanks for reading.  Please be kind to one another and may you find the peace that God promises: And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7)


Pastor Chuck